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The National Association of Aesthetics Medicine

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Pre-Course Online Training

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In Person Hands-On Training

Get real-world experience with actual patient models.

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A  personal message from our founder  Dr. Amir Rouzati:

Dr. Amir Rouzati — Founder & CEO.
Welcome to the National Association of Aesthetics Medicine (NAAM) Training page.  We are excited to have been involved in training hundreds of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses across Canada and North America. We are one of the longest-running and most established North American medical aesthetics training programs. 
We know that being a health care professional is challenging on many fronts … dealing with bureaucracy, an underfunded health care system, and long hours.  In fact, over the years, the work satisfaction level of health care professionals has dramatically decreased. 
Our Vision is to help Health Care professionals gain a high level of work satisfaction through gaining the skill set to provide high demand medical cosmetic injections.
However, looking back on my own career when I shifted to medical aesthetics, I also know the challenges that come with learning a new skill set. I also know that to succeed in a new endeavor you need to move from dabbling in a skill set to mastering a skill set. 

I have developed NAAM training with the vision to help our trainees master the world of medical aesthetics through a stepwise approach:

Step 1: On-Line Video Training:   The modules are video-based allowing for on-demand learning. The content is well structured to teach the paradigm of medical cosmetic injections through detailed video modules. 
Step 2: Hands-on Training: our clinical courses are held in our facilities in Toronto, where trainees gain thorough hands-on experience injecting patient models with Botox and Dermal Fillers. 
Step 3: Post Course Mentorship:  Our post-course support fills in knowledge gaps and helps you build confidence as you start with your first set of independent injections and eases the process of shifting from training to working to doing medical cosmetic injections. 
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The NAAM Hands on Experience from our Trainees